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Post Date 8/25/2015
Title Volunteer - Spartanburg, SC
Employee Type Volunteer
City Spartanburg
State SC
Country United States
Description Volunteers play a critical role in helping refugees adjust to life in America. Whether exploring neighborhoods together or building friendships- and English skills – over mugs of tea, volunteers accompany refugees as they settle into their new lives. Volunteer opportunities at World Relief Spartanburg include:

Good Neighbor Team (GNT) (Weekly/bi-weekly, 6 month – 1 year commitment) -
Develop a long-term relationship with a refugee family by making a commitment as a household or small group. Good Neighbor Team responsibilities may include each of the other volunteer job descriptions while incorporating a team-based approach to service and a minimum time commitment of 6 months. Help a family get settled into their apartment, take them grocery shopping, invite them over for a culturally appropriate meal in your home, practice English (…and maybe learn their language), and more! –all in the context of a growing relationship.

Office Assistants (2-4 hours per week) -
Field calls and assist staff with basic office tasks.

Welcome Kit Coordinator (one-time opportunity, make take ~1 month to organize) -
Organize your family, friends, small group or church to gather household items that refugees need in their first apartment. Your group may also help set up the family’s apartment and experience the joy of welcoming them into their new home!

Apartment Move-In (Periodic, as needed) -
When refugees arrive to the Upstate area, they need a home. The opportunity to set up refugee apartments reminds us that refugees had to flee their own homes. Create a welcoming space for your partnered refugee by stocking their home with essentials for starting their new lives (lists of required household items and groceries are provided by World Relief). You can ask friends for donations, frequent yard sales, shop thrift stores or buy items new! Use your own truck or will help find one to move items into the apartment. You can even pray over each room and your incoming refugee partners/friends you set up. This position requires resourcefulness and creativity for locating and gathering all items required for a set-up, willingness to engage networks to ask for furniture and household donations, detail-orientation, a heart for creating a welcoming home.

Roadrunners (Drivers) –
Initially help refugees get to necessary caseworker and medical appointments.

Employment Service Mentor (3 hrs per week for at least 3 months) -
Refugees are often eager and motivated to find employment as quickly as possible. Meet with an individual or a group for job training and interview preparation, enabling individuals to move toward self-sufficiency

ESL Tutors and Conversation Partners (3-4 hours per week for at least 3 months) –
As arriving refugees begin employment finding time and availability to attend structured ESL classes can be difficult. Help refugees learn/practice English in their homes or another site after work/school.

Health Advocates (2-4 hours a week for at least 3 months) –
Prepare and connect refugees to job leads or assist them in navigating our US healthcare system.

Host Homes (Periodic, 4-12 days with each opportunity) –
Host Homes offer shelter and hospitality to refugees for their first week or so in the United States. Introduce refugees to an American home: thermostats, washing machines, and casseroles – they’re all new to many refugees. It’s a great way to share the welcoming love of Christ and make a lasting impact.

Event Planning Assistant (time varies) –
World Relief hosts various events throughout the year, and is always looking for volunteers with the gift of planning and organization. If you love hospitality, we would love to include you in our event planning.

Social Media Support (time varies) –
Provide your time and creativity to posting on social media about World Relief events, big or small. Let everyone know what wonderful things are happening thanks to all the hands working together!

Advocacy/Public Outreach (time varies) –
Advocate with elected public officials, help legislative impact, create opportunities to advocate for refugees through local public outreach.

Professional services (time varies) –
Donate your time, skills and resources to World Relief in the areas of financial management, IT, graphic design, printing, translation, video, photography, and employment & skills training for refugees

Interpreters/Translators needed!

Requirements Volunteers must:
*Complete an online application
*Pass a Criminal Background Check
*Pass a Motor Vehicle Records Check (depending on the nature of your assignment)
*Participate in an interview and orientation with a staff member

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