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Post Date 3/9/2016
Title Volunteer - Garden Grove, CA
Employee Type Volunteer
City Garden Grove
State CA
Country United States
Description Volunteer opportunities include:

• Good Neighbor teams: A group of four to ten people (typically a small group from a local Church, but not limited to this) committed to engage in relational ministry with a refugee family or newcomer neighborhood.
• Refugee support services: mentor, driver, cultural informant.
• Assist with immigration processing, including making phone calls to clients due for renewals and other adjustments.
• Teaching: English language, American culture, Civics/citizenship, financial literacy.
• Media creation: film making, writing, images, music, drama, translation into Spanish and other languages.
• Organizational and church partnership: presentations, studies, outreach.
• Social media creation and coordination, translation into Spanish and other languages.
• Anti-trafficking program, Orange County and Long Beach anti-trafficking Task Forces.
• Research community using Asset Based Community Development principles while working with people in the communities where we work.
• Relocation: live missionally in the communities where refugees and immigrants live.
• Advocacy with elected public officials, legislative impact.
Requirements Varies by position.
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An Equal Opportunity Employer