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Requisition Number 15-0080
Post Date 1/5/2018
Title Vehicle Sales Representative
City San Antonio
State TX



Job Title:        Vehicle Sales Person

Revised:          January 1, 2006

Reports to:      Vehicle Sales Manager/Assistant Vehicle Sales Manager

A.              Position Summary:

The Vehicle Sales Person is directly responsible for selling vehicles at dealership maximizing profit, volume and customer satisfaction standards.

B.              Minimum Qualifications:

1.               Must be at least 18 years of age

2.               High School diploma or equivalent

3.               Valid in-state driver’s license and driving record consistent with company policy and insurance carrier requirements

C.              Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1.               Excellent communication skills, including an ability to effectively communicate (verbal and written) with customers and personnel from all dealership departments

2.               Strong reading and writing skills, including an ability to draft sales documentation

3.               Good mathematical skills, including a basic understanding of vehicle financing and principles of equity and depreciation

4.               Good analytical skills, including an ability to analyze the needs of customers and how to best respond to those needs

5.               Good organizational skills

6.               Excellent marketing and selling skills

7.               Ability to operate vehicles (automatic and standard transmissions)

8.               Ability to operate computer

D.              Relationship to Other Positions (Organizational Structure):

1.               Reports directly to Vehicle Sales Manager/Assistant Vehicle Sales Manager

2.               Interacts with all other departments on a daily basis

3.               Turns deals over to F&I

4.               Requests internal R.O.’s for accessory installation on vehicles

5.               Requests vehicles for make-ready

6.               Works with sales secretaries on a daily basis

E.              Essential Job Functions:

1.               Greet customers courteously

2.               Realize that business is built on customer satisfaction and devote himself/herself to guaranteeing satisfaction to customers at or above company stated-levels

3.               Follow steps of sale

4.               Determine each customer’s vehicle needs by asking questions and listening, and by utilizing needs analysis forms

5.               Qualify customers and determine appropriate vehicles to promote for sale based on customers’ needs and financial capabilities

6.               Demonstrate vehicles

7.               Initiate and complete sales documentation

8.               Inform the customer of all of our services and promote the sale of related products

9.               Ensure that an appropriate introduction to F&I is completed

10.            Deliver vehicles to customers to ensure that the customer understands the vehicle’s operating features, warranty and paperwork, and to lay the foundation for customer loyalty

11.            Maintain the company follow-up system that encourages repeat and referral customer business and contributes to customer satisfaction in accordance with company policy

12.            Maintain and utilize on a daily basis an approved prospect signature log development system

13.            Keep abreast of incoming inventory, features, accessories, etc., and their benefits to customers

14.            Maintain familiarity with current inventory (for example, by walking the lot and reviewing reports)

15.            Establish personal monthly goals that are consistent with dealership standards of productivity and devise a strategy to meet those goals

16.            Report to the Vehicle Sales Manager/Assistant Vehicle Sales Manager regarding objectives, planned activities, reviews, and analyses (i.e., daily one-on-one meetings)

17.            Review and analyze actions at the end of each day, week, month, and year to determine how to better utilize time and plan more effectively

18.            Understand the terminology of automobile product, and keep abreast of technological changes in the product

19.            Know and understand equity and values, and be able to explain depreciation to the customer

20.            Know, understand and adhere to company rules and federal, state and local laws which govern retail auto sales

21.            Introduce customers to Service Department personnel to emphasize to customers the quality and efficiency of the dealership’s service operations

22.            Work with the Service Department and Make-Ready Department to ensure that vehicles are reconditioned as expected and on schedule

23.            Perform any other duties that may be deemed essential to fulfilling the functions of the position

F.               Additional Responsibilities:

1.               Strive for harmony and teamwork with all departments

2.               Attend all meetings as required

a.                Maintain a clean work area and assist with housekeeping in all areas of the dealership (for example, by picking up or discarding trash found on the premises)

3.               Must adhere to all company policies and dealership rules

4.               Must be punctual in attendance and adhere to time keeping procedures

5.               Must adhere to company policies and rules

6.               Must adhere to the 5 mile-an-hour rule on all dealership premises

7.               Must be present during normal business hours or as directed by management

8.               Maintain a professional appearance and/or wear Gunn attire

9.               Comply with other job-related instructions and perform any other duties that, in the opinion of his/her supervisor are reasonably related to his/her primary job responsibilities, required to assist other employees, or compliment Gunn's efforts generally

G.             Equipment and Materials Used:

1.               Computer

2.               Inventory Vehicles (standard and automatic transmissions)

3.               Calculator

4.               Copier

5.               Telephone

6.               Fax machine

7.               Printer

H.              Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

The Vehicle Sales Person will stand and move throughout the dealership facility (i.e., lot, showroom, service department, and offices) for most of the shift.  S/he will work in various weather conditions and will spend time outdoors showing vehicles to prospective customers.  S/he will drive vehicles in traffic during test drives.  Evening, holiday, and weekend work hours will be required.



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