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Requisition Number 15-0116
Post Date 2/2/2018
Title Detailer-Flag
City San Antonio
State TX


Job Title:        Make Ready Person/Detailer
Revised:          November 30, 2005
Reports to:      Make Ready Manager

A.              Position Summary:

The Make Ready Person/Detailer prepares vehicles for delivery per repair orders.

B.              Minimum Qualifications:

1.               Valid driver's license and driving record consistent with company policy and insurance carrier requirements

C.              Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1.               Ability to access vehicle to prepare and inspect vehicle

2.               Ability to operate vehicles (standard and automatic transmission)

3.               Ability to transport make-ready materials or equipment weighing a minimum of 25 pounds or more with assistance

4.               Ability to stand eight to ten hours per shift

D.              Relationship to Other Positions (Organizational Structure):

1.               Reports to Make Ready Manager, Service Director, Assistant Service Manager, Sales Manager, and Assistant Sales Manager

E.              Essential Job Functions:

1.               Detail clean interior/exterior of vehicles

2.               Apply scotch guard and vinyl treatment to vehicles

3.               Clean tires and engines

4.               Wash vehicles as required

5.               Shuttle vehicles to specific destinations as directed

6.               Maintain vehicle delivery areas including sweeping and mopping/assist with housekeeping throughout the dealership

7.               Apply cleaners, waxes, polishes, and paint sealant to vehicles

8.               Inspect vehicles before delivery

9.               Install license plates and brackets

10.            Must be punctual in attendance

11.            Must be present during normal business hours of operations or as directed by management

12.            Perform any other duties that may be deemed essential to fulfill the functions of the position

F.               Additional Responsibilities:

1.               Must adhere to all company policies and dealership rules

2.               Must adhere to the 5 mile-an-hour rule on all dealership premises

3.               Maintain a safe working environment

4.               Identify and maintain warning labels

5.               Must wear personal protective equipment when performing physical tasks

6.               Attend ongoing training and meetings as required

7.               Maintain a professional appearance and/or wear Gunn attire

8.               Understand and follow federal, state and local regulations, such as those governing the disposal of waste

9.               Comply with other job-related instructions and perform any other duties that, in the opinion of his/her supervisor are reasonably related to his/her primary job responsibilities, required to assist other employees, or compliment Gunn's efforts generally

G.             Equipment and Materials Used:

1.               Car wash machine

2.               Vacuum cleaner

3.               Buffing and polishing equipment

4.               Cleaning agents, polishes, and waxes

5.               Fabric cleaners and protectants

6.               Paint sealers

7.               Battery charger/jump starter

8.               Computer

H.              Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

This is a physically demanding position.  The Make Ready Person/Detailer will stand at least eight (8) to ten (10) hours per shift.  S/he will access vehicles to prepare them for delivery.  S/he will transport make-ready materials, equipment, and inventory items weighing up a minimum of twenty-five (25) pounds or more with assistance.

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