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Requisition Number 15-0055
Post Date 2/2/2018
Title Technician
City San Antonio
State TX



Job Title:        Service Technician

Revised:          January 1, 2006

Reports to:      Service Director/Assistant Service Director/Shop Foreman

A.              Position Summary:

The Service Technician is responsible for performing required repairs, maintenance, service, etc. as per authorized repair orders.

B.              Minimum Qualifications:

Service Technician:


1.               Prior mechanical work record

2.               Valid driver's license and driving record consistent with company policy and insurance carrier requirements


Technician Apprentice:


1.               Basic mechanical knowledge and experience

2.               Valid driver's license and driving record consistent with company policy and insurance carrier requirements

C.              Relationship to Other Positions (Organizational Structure):

Service Technician:


1.               Reports directly to Service Director/Assistant Service Director/Shop Foreman

2.               Supervises work of apprentice employees

3.               Interacts on a daily basis with Service Dispatcher, Service Manager, Parts Countermen, Stockers, Porters and customers


Technician Apprentice:


1.               Reports directly to Service Director/Assistant Service Director/Shop Foreman and Master Technician

2.               Interacts on a daily basis with Service Dispatcher, Service Manager, Parts Counterman, Stockers, Porters and customers

D.              Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1.               Good communication skills, including an ability to effectively communicate with parts department personnel, service dispatcher, and service manager

2.               Good reading skills, including an ability to read and understand repair orders and technical bulletins

3.               Good writing skills, including an ability to create written analyses of necessary repairs and performed repairs

4.               Good mathematical skills, including an ability to formulate charge estimates

5.               Excellent analytical and diagnostic skills, including an ability to analyze technical problems and malfunctions and formulate necessary repairs

6.               Excellent mechanical skills, including an ability to perform technical repairs

7.               Ability to operate vehicles (automatic and standard transmissions)

8.               Good computer skills and ability to operate diagnostic equipment

9.               Ability to distinguish colors to perform electrical repairs

10.            Ability to transport a minimum of 25 pounds or more with assistance

11.            Ability to access applicable areas of the vehicle and to perform repairs

12.            Ability to stand six to eight hours per shift

E.              Essential Job Functions:

1.               Receive repair orders from dispatcher and service manager and take to stall area

2.               Perform work as outlined on repair order with efficiency and accuracy in accordance with dealership and factory standards

3.               Diagnose cause of any malfunction and perform repair as authorized

4.               Adjust, maintain, and repair vehicles

5.               Install and remove used and new parts on vehicles

6.               Communicate with parts department to obtain needed parts

7.               Save and tag parts if the job is under warranty or if requested by the customer and/or directed by management

8.               Examine the vehicle to determine if additional safety or service work is required

9.               Inform service dispatcher or service manager of status of R.O.'s

10.            Advise service manager and/or service dispatcher immediately if additional work is needed, if outlined work is not needed, or if repairs cannot be completed within the time promised

11.            Provide written analysis of problem, repairs performed, and additional recommended repairs as noted and estimate of charges

12.            Road-test vehicles when required or refer to the test technician, keeping in mind that customers' vehicles should not be used for personal errands

13.            Supervise work of any apprentice technicians as assigned

14.            Road-test vehicles to quality-check work performed

15.            Return repair order to dispatcher upon completion

16.            Must be punctual in attendance

17.            Must be present during normal hours of operation or as directed by management

18.            Perform any other duties that may be deemed essential to fulfill the functions of the position

F.               Additional Responsibilities:

1.               Attend factory and/or ongoing training as required

2.               Keep abreast of factory technical bulletins

3.               Ensure that customers' cars are kept clean

4.               Keep personal work area neat and clean and be able to account for all dealership-owned tools at all times

5.               Understand and follow federal, state and local regulations, such as those governing the disposal of wastes

6.               Must adhere to all company policies and dealership rules

7.               Must adhere to the 5 mile-an-hour rule on all dealership premises

8.               Maintain safe working environment

9.               Maintain a clean work area and assist with housekeeping in all areas of the dealership (for example, by picking up or discarding trash found on the premises)

10.            Identify and maintain warning labels on chemicals

11.            Must adhere to the personal protective equipment policy

12.            Must attend department meetings as required

13.            Maintain a professional appearance and/or wear Gunn attire

14.            Comply with other job-related instructions and perform any other duties that, in the opinion of his/her supervisor, are reasonably related to his/her primary job responsibilities, required to assist other employees, or compliment Gunn's efforts generally

G.             Equipment and Materials Used:

1.               Diagnostic equipment

2.               Hand tools

3.               Various sealers

4.               Cleaning solvents and agents

5.               Adhesives

6.               Service equipment

7.               Computer

8.               Power tools

H.              Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

This is a physical demanding position.  The Service Technician will:

1.               Stand at least eight (8) to ten (10) hours per shift and walk up to two (2) miles in eight (8) hours

2.               Vertically transport parts and equipment weighing a minimum of 25 pounds or more with assistance from one (1) to fifty-five (55) inches, eight (8) times per hour and horizontally transport same a distance of five (5) feet without mechanical assistance

3.               Horizontally transport parts and equipment to/from vehicle requiring forces up to twenty-five (25) pounds a distance of fifty (50) feet, ten (10) times per hour

4.               Use hand tools requiring upper body push/pull forces of forty (40) pounds, twenty (20) times per hour 

5.               Use pneumatic tools requiring grip forces of thirty (35) pounds on hundred (100) times per hour

6.               Perform repetitive posture movements to access vehicle at sixty-five (65) inches, one hundred (100) times per hour

7.               Use hoist and test equipment as needed

8.               Perform ladder-type climbing up to ten (10) steps in one (1) hour

9.               Access spaces with entries sixteen (16) inches and work in spaces with fifty (50) inch headroom

10.            Road test vehicles as needed

11.            Be exposed to noise, vibration, dust, exhaust fumes, and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials

12.            Work in a non-climate controlled environment, requiring tolerance of outside temperatures, including excessive heat, cold and precipitation

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