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Requisition Number 19-0006
Post Date 5/29/2019
Title Food Service Team Leader - Seasonal
City Tipton
State PA
Description Summary:
Oversees all stand/department set up for business operations. Orders supplies for stand/department with manager approval. Monitors break times and assigns break times to staff according to child labor laws. Completes scheduling only in the absence of the department/stand manager according to child labor laws. Monitors staff daily during operations to ensure department/stand policies and procedures are being followed. Provides guidance and training to staff when needed. Handles cash in the absence of the stand/department manager. Reports any employee issues to the department/stand manager. Resolves customer complaints in the absence of the manager, or access department director if necessary. No employee hiring or firing as a Team Leader; however, may provide input as requested.

Essential Functions:
• Oversees staff during daily operations to ensure adherence to company and department policies and procedures
o Report any tardiness, company/department violations, and/or child labor law violations to department/stand manager.
• Completes schedules according to child labor laws only in the absence of the stand/department manager.
• Monitors staff breaks and job assignments according to child labor laws.
• Assures compliance of cleaning assignment, job assignments, and department policies and procedures.
• Practice and assure that food service team members follow food safety guidelines to:
o Assure safe and quality food service.
o Monitor and record food holding and storage temperatures.
o Monitor and record equipment temperatures.
• Ensure compliance of company and department cash handling policies and procedures.
o Handle cash if applicable.
o Verify and secure cash register drawers.
o Approve and review voids and refunds.
• Reports disciplinary issues and department/company violations to stand/department manager for action and follow through.
• Acts in place of department manager when department manager is off duty or not present.
o Reports any major issues directly to the department Director or Assistant Directors if stand/department manager is not present.
• Reports day to day employee concerns, resignations, issues, etc. directly to department/stand manager for follow up and follow through.
• Uses data to meet production targets, order proper inventory for inventory levels, and reduce product waste.
• Proactively adjusts staffing levels to reflect the amount of business.
• Attend department meetings in the absence of the department manager.
• Fix simple register issues and initiate Alternative Sales Procedures plan when told the registers are not working properly.
• Contact appropriate departments via telephone for transport calls, clean up calls, or inventory requests throughout the day.
• Must work in various weather and environmental conditions including but not limited to direct or indirect sunlight, heat, humidity, rain, hail, cold.

Other Responsibilities:
• Maintain and protect employee, customer, and consumer confidentiality.
• Report to and from work at assigned time.
• Complete other duties as assigned.
• Must be honest and reliable.
• Must be able to work in a team atmosphere and provide help and support to co-workers on an ongoing basis.
• Adhere to dress code policy.
• Maintain an organized department and work environment.
Requirements Educations & Qualifications:
Minimum of a High School Diploma or GED preferred. Must be at least 18 years of age to comply with child labor laws. Ability to perform basic math and count cash. A minimum of 1 to 3 years of experience within the department is strongly preferred. Management and/or Leadership experience is preferred, but not required. Must be organized, have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and have the ability to follow and enforce policies and procedures. Must be committed to providing excellent customer service.
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