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Requisition Number 16-0447
Post Date 3/13/2017
Title Food Service Team Member
City Tipton
State PA
Description Job Summary:
Prepare and serve food to customers in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. Provide excellent customer service.

Reports to:
Food Service Team Leader / Food Service Manager/ Assistant Food Service Director / Food Service Director

Physical Requirements:
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Essential Functions:

1. Prepare and serve food according to stand/department policies and procedures.

2. Take customer orders for food and beverages.
a. Provide excellent customer service.
b. Wait on customers in a timely manner.
c. Ensure orders are correct.

3. Ensure proper food presentation and food quality.

4. Work independently at various food stations.

5. Work as a team in a food stand.

6. Clean stockrooms, serving areas, kitchen equipment, and preparation areas according to department/stand procedures.

7. Operate a cash register and make correct change.

8. Rotate and label all food for proper storage according to department /stand procedure.

9. Operate restaurant equipment according to the following child labor laws:
a. 14-15 year old may operate: Register, Fountain units, Hotdog roller, Nacho cheese dispenser, Coffee Maker, Steam tables, Heat lamps, Warmers, Pizza Cutter, Lemon Squeezer, Electric Flameless grills, Ice Cream Machine,
b. 16-17 year old may operate: Steamer, Deep Fryer, Grill, Pizza Oven, Lincoln Oven, Cotton Candy Machine, SnoKone Machine, Popcorn Machine, Microwave, Tropical Sno Machine, Pretzel Oven, Candy apple stove , Funnel Cake Fryer, Dough Roller plus the above
c. 18+ may operate: Broiler, Dough Mixer, Meat Slicer, All of the above

10. Follow all Food Safety procedures and guidelines when preparing and cooking food.

11. Follow proper hand washing procedures prior to starting work, after using the restroom, and anytime cross contamination could occur.

12. Use all personal protective equipment to include hat, gloves, etc. per department /stand procedures and guidelines.

13. Complete food safety training annually.

Other Responsibilities:
1. Maintain and protect employee, customer, and consumer confidentiality.

2. Report to and from work at assigned time.

3. Complete other duties as assigned.

4. Must be honest and reliable.

5. Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Provide help and support to co-workers on an ongoing basis.

6. Adhere to dress code policy.
Requirements Must be at least 14 years of age to comply with child labor laws. Must maintain a well groomed appearance at all times following all uniform regulations. Must have a positive attitude, have the willingness to provide excellent customer service, and be able to work in a team atmosphere.
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