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Requisition Number 19-0004
Post Date 1/2/2019
Title Aquatics Manager - Seasonal
City Tipton
State PA
Description Summary:
The Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Aquatics Department. Manager is responsible for scheduling employees, leading in-service trainings, monitoring break times/child labor laws, water quality and resolving guest complaints in a quick and efficient manner. Periodically, the Manager will be required to fulfill Team Leader and Lifeguard duties.

Essential Functions:
• Anticipate, recognize, and respond to emergencies.
• Assist in the daily operation of the waterpark including staff oversight.
o Strictly maintain regulations set by Ellis and Associates.
o Conduct VAT testing and documentation.
o Report and properly document tardiness, company/department violations, and/or child labor law violations to Department Directors.
o Assign lifeguards to daily placement, ensuring adequate staffing levels at all times.
o Assign staff breaks, ensuring no labor laws are violated.
o Develop weekly staff schedules for 130+ employees. Review staffing needs, make recommendations to Directors.
• Assist in daily review and approval of employee timesheets for payroll.
• Assist in the planning and execution of weekly in-service trainings.
o Make recommendations to the Department Directors or Aquatics Instructor on training topics.
o Maintain staff training records and hours.
• Manage all employee reports, document and file all paperwork in designated locations.
o Document incidents, coach employees on a behavior improvement plan.
o Notify Director of Aquatics prior to receiving employee signature.
• Monitor water quality, notify Department Directors immediately of any concerns.
o Maintain proper chemical levels as approved by the Facility Manager and/or Director.
• Communicate effectively by giving instruction and feedback to staff.
• Complete employee seasonal reviews, obtain Director’s approval and meet with employees.
• Provide friendly, polite, and courteous service to all park guests.
• Abide by all company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and Department Manual.
• Work in various weather and environmental conditions including but not limited to direct or indirect sunlight, heat, humidity, rain, hail, cold.

Other Responsibilities:
• Maintain and protect employee, customer, and consumer confidentiality.
• Report to and from work at assigned time.
• Complete other duties as assigned.
• Must be honest and reliable.
• Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Provide help and support to co-workers on an ongoing basis.
• Adhere to dress code policy.
Requirements Educations & Qualifications: Applicants must be 18 years old and possess a valid Ellis and Associates Special Facilities Lifeguard License. A high school diploma or GED with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience within the department and previous management and/or leadership experience is preferred. Must have basic computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office Suite.
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