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Requisition Number 19-0095
Post Date 2/7/2019
Title Cashier PM - Seasonal
City Tipton
State PA
Description Summary:
Handles large sums of cash and coin. Balances cash boxes and vault. Prepares deposits.

Essential Functions:
• Balances the vault daily at the beginning, during and at the end of shift.
• Records all returning wristbands on ticket seller sheets.
• Returns all materials ticket sellers used for the current day.
• Prepares and fills envelopes with all work returned for each assigned cash box.
• Use cash/coin machines to record all money returned for each assigned cash box.
• Totals all credit card transactions and checks returned for each assigned cash box.
• Balances all money collected at the end of the night report from the cash machine.
• Prepares and balances cash to the vault at the end of the shift.
Other Responsibilities:
• Maintain and protect employee, customer, and consumer confidentiality.
• Report to and from work at assigned time.
• Complete other duties as assigned.
• Must be honest and reliable.
• Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Provide help and support to co-workers on an ongoing basis.
• Adhere to dress code policy.
Requirements Educations & Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED required. Experience working with large sums of money is strongly preferred. Must be proficient in the use of the following: Microsoft Excel, adding machines, cash registers and credit card machines (POS Devices), and coin/cash machines. Must be able to type a minimum of 30 words per minute. Must be honest, reliable, and have the ability to work independently and with others.

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