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Requisition Number 19-0069
Post Date 1/21/2019
Title Parking Attendant - Seasonal
City Tipton
State PA
Description Summary:
Parking Attendants are front line positions that start our guest’s day in the best possible way! They are responsible for the following: Maintaining safety standards to ensure guest and employee safety. Informing guests of general information about DelGrosso’s Park and providing assistance when requested. Providing necessary traffic control for vehicles and pedestrians entering and exiting parking lots. Performing the assigned parking position and working as a team with other parking attendants to provide a positive and organized experience for visiting guests.

Essential Functions:
• Assist guests with questions by providing superior guest service and knowing the rules, regulations, and layout of the park.
• Work as a team to maintain an organized flow of traffic and remain visible at all times.
• In an organized fashion, properly and safely park all vehicles entering the parking lots.
• Must be able to adjust working pace to keep up with the flow of traffic, adjusting from row to row and side to side in the parking lot as traffic is parked.
• Setup and move visual aid equipment (i.e.: cones and signs) as various rows are parked. This is to help keep the flow of traffic steady and non-congested.
• Maintain a professional, approachable, friendly demeanor when dealing with guests and fellow team members.
• A clean and neat physical appearance is a must (i.e. neat hair, facial hair and proper hygiene is mandatory).
• Uniform must be neat and clean at all times.
• Assist pedestrians in crossing traffic by directing traffic near walkway crossings.
• Contact Security Manager or Team Leader when needed to address issues in the parking lot. If neither are available contact the Director of Operations or Vice President of Operations.
• Hand out promotional vouchers and/or materials for events to guests explaining the details when assigned.
• Must be able to work in various weather and environmental conditions including but not limited to direct or indirect sunlight, heat, humidity, rain and cold.

Other Responsibilities:
• Maintain and protect employee, customer, and consumer confidentiality.
• Report to and from work at assigned time.
• Complete other duties as assigned.
• Must be honest and reliable.
• Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Provide help and support to co-workers on an ongoing basis.
• Adhere to dress code policy.
Requirements Educations & Qualifications:
Must be at least 14 years of age to comply with child labor laws. Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, and be able to walk and stand for long periods of time. Must have a positive attitude and be able to work in a team atmosphere. Must be organized, have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and have the ability to follow and enforce policies and procedures. Must be able to communicate with guests and team members in a positive manner.
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