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Requisition Number 19-0075
Post Date 9/17/2019
Title Document Controls Specialist I
City Houston
State TX
Description Position Summary:
The Document Control Specialist reports to the Supervisor, Data and Records Management. The Document Control Specialist works closely with the Design Coordinator, the Engineering Records Analyst, the Engineering Records Specialist, and the Project Manager, on multiple projects, to coordinate the development of project documentation. The development of this documentation is accomplished by providing guidelines to third party engineering contractors on the organizational format of the required information, and tracking the development of this information to assure its successful completion. They must have proven experience and skills at expediting work flow, and meeting project deadlines as it relates to engineering documentation and record-keeping requirements.
Roles and Responsibilities:
The primary responsibilities of the Company’s Document Control Specialist shall include:
 Facilitate project document management as necessary to ensure the successful completion of all project related documentation activities. Detailed items shall include:
o Assist the Project Manager in the establishment of a list of the required project record items at the onset of the project.
o Initiate the project record effort by ensuring the appropriate guidelines are available, understood, and implemented for the project.
o Manage the ongoing exchange of project related drawings and documentation.
o Verify and approve submitted project documentation to assure compliance with established guidelines.
o Provide distribution routing of documentation for review, per instructions provided by the Project Manager
o Finalize the completion of the project record effort by completing, signing, and dating the Project Records Completion Check List, STD.0250 Appendix B.
o Organize and maintain the storage and archiving of completed project records.
o Coordinate the availability, reproduction, distribution, and archiving of project documentation.
o Assist in any audits that may be required and provide documentation to validate any regulatory requirements.
 Provide assistance in the accessibility of Project documentation by performing the following functions:
o Provide guidance so to enhance the ability of others to obtain required information through the use of departmentally developed tools and methods.
o Work with the Engineering Records Specialist in the proper disposition of the final drawing packages to ensure accurate and up to date information that is available for viewing.
o Administrative handling of Project Record Development, including: Receiving Records, Deciding / Consulting with PM on Required Processing, Processing Received Records, Making Project Records (including drawings) available within the Company’s Project Records Repository, and Providing Project Drawings to the Drawing Records Administrator.
Minimum Qualifications:
 High School Diploma or Equivalency.
 Formal training or equivalent experience in document management software, processes, methods,
Position Title: Document Control Specialist Revision Date: September 12, 2019
Reports To: Supervisor, Document Control Date Printed: September 17, 2019
Department: Engineering, Data & Records Management Location: Various
or systems.
 Proficient computer keyboarding.
 MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Access.
 Drafting Skills using AutoCAD is a plus
Experience Level:
 Five years relevant work experience in a Project Management / Project Engineering environment.
 A proficient level of knowledge of the typical content, organization, and format of Engineered Project Documentation.
 Working knowledge of OSHA, DOT, RR Commission, Operational/Safety, etc., mandates which drive the requirements for Engineered Project Documentation.
 Technical aptitude in the use of reproduction equipment and methods.
 Professionalism, attention to detail and proactive customer service attitude.
 Diplomatic and effective communicator in writing and speech.
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